7 Rules to Stay Classy While Drinking (Drinking Etiquettes)

Urvashi Deshpande on September 26, 2021

There’s a difference between drinking at family gatherings and office parties. There are some set of drinking manners one must follow at upscale restaurants, bars, and formal dinner parties. 

Imagine you are at an office party or having dinner with your boss, these kinds of outings require proper drinking manners. If you want to appear composed in front of others, then keep the following drinking rules in mind.

Social Drinking Rules: 

Don’t Eat The Garnishes

Remember to not eat the garnishes while sipping your favorite cocktails. After all, they're decorations, not appetizers.

Do Not Drink With Your Mouth Full

This one should go without saying. Just because they told you that the particular drink goes well with the steak doesn't mean you need to load them both into your mouth at the same time. Make sure you swallow your food before you pick up your drink.

Hold Your Glass Correctly

There is a right way to hold your glass. If you are holding your glass on the bowl portion, then you’re probably doing it wrong. You should hold your glass at the base of the stem so that you will not accidentally heat the glass with your hands. Also, this prevents nasty fingerprints on the glass.

Avoid Chewing Ice

After you finish your drink, you might be enticed to munch on those extra ice cubes. This is equivalent to slurping your drink, so try your best to avoid these habits at formal parties.

Don’t Overdo It

The most important rule of social drinking is not to exaggerate. It's better not to drink more than you can handle, especially when you’re at formal events. Getting too drunk will likely result in embarrassment, for you and probably others.

Hard Alcohol Should Not Be Enjoyed With Food

Hard liquors are only reserved for pre-dinner and post-dinner drinking. Seafood, pasta, and salad are typically good with white wine, while red wine goes well with red meat.

If Ever In Doubt, Copy Someone Else

We can understand that you can't remember everything! That's why a simple trick is to pick out the fanciest personalities in the party and copy them. It's as simple as that :)

Before attending any upscale wedding or party, you better brush up on the above drinking etiquettes. So that you feel confident and less insecure about what you do while surrounded by a bunch of fancy folks.




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