8 DIY Halloween Party Ideas For Newbies

Urvashi Deshpande on October 19, 2021
It’s SPOOKTOBER! After more than a year of outdoor and socially distanced lifestyle, we are all set to celebrate the most enjoyable time of the year, safely. And that means it's time to start thinking about the Halloween party. If you’re fully ready to get spooky with all your friends, then you are at the right place. You won’t just get good ideas for the Halloween Party but you can also purchase appropriate goodies and materials for it.
There are so many ways to make Halloween memorable at home. To make October 31 feel special, try out some of these ideas that will make you the best host. 
1. Costume Contest
Just because you're at home doesn't mean you shouldn't step out in your funkiest, spookiest, or scariest costume. Invite people to come to the party dressed-up, by having a costume contest. 
People will be more willing to show up in creative costumes if they know that there’s a prize involved. Show your guests how witty you are with your unique Halloween costume.
2. Scary Movie Background
Pick the scariest movie to play in the background to set the mood for your party. There's no better way to celebrate a scary Halloween party than with footage of someone casually being slashed on TV while you are enjoying your Halloween night.
3. String lights
Yes, we know that string lights are not modern, but they are the essence of Halloween. Dim the lights and add some string lights! The darkness with the subtle twinkling lights will make for a spooky ambiance, which will create the perfect Halloween vibe. Hang some cute Lil jack-o'-lantern lights to enhance the spookiness.
4. Serve Champagne Blood Shots
Halloween calls for a boozy drink for adults. Serve Champagne Blood Shots. These shots not only add to the scary vampire vibe, but they are also delicious and refreshing. Since these require gelatin, make sure to prepare them before your guests arrive.
5. Halloween Pumpkin Carving Competition
At your Halloween party, you can also host a pumpkin carving contest. It's a classic Halloween activity. Grab small pumpkins for family/friends and arrange some carving tools. And whoever executes the scariest jack-o'-lantern, wins goodies. They also make for some good content to put out on social media.
6. Paint Your Faces
Face painting is one of the most fun parts of a Halloween celebration. Either you do it at home with some safe-to-use paint or hire an expert for a precise look.
7. Black and orange balloons
Balloons can turn any ordinary space into a party place! Just get the classic Halloween colors like orange, black, or even purple to turn your cozy house into a scary party.
8. Play With Food (Spooky Menu)
Try some Halloween cutout cookies. Kids will love these. You can also involve the kids while you’re baking these cookies. 
Create the perfect Halloween party menu to impress your guests. Add something savory to your Halloween party with weird mini pizzas which look like Jack-o-lantern. Feel free to switch up the toppings to your liking.
Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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