Master Cocktail Making at Home

Urvashi Deshpande on August 30, 2022
During summer we prefer partying at home, instead of parting in a bar. So, would you like to surprise your guests with mouthwatering cocktails, made by yourself, in your own kitchen?! You might think that this is a lot of hassle, but making cocktails at home is easier than you think. With some amazing tips and tricks that we are about to share, you will be able to craft a tasty cocktail, even if you don't have much experience.
You only require a few basic bartending skills. Familiarize yourself with standard ingredients, essential mixing techniques like shaking, stirring, and muddling, etc.
Buy The Right Tools
Investing in some quality bar tools makes the whole process lot easier. So, let’s take a look at a few essentials.
Shaker and Strainer
Many cocktail recipes are meant to be shaken and while simply stirring may do a good enough job, shaking them makes your drinks extra cold and helps further infuse ingredients like herbs, fresh fruits, and thicker syrups.
Make sure you have a small strainer so you can strain out ice, fruit pulp, etc. Some cocktail shakers have a built-in strainer in them.
High-Quality Jigger
Jigger helps you accurately measure cocktails with ease. Many cocktails which include numerous ingredients can be ruined with an uneven balance of booze. 
Ice Mold
Crushed ice isn’t the only way to go. Invest in an ice mold with an unusual shape or size. Bigger ice cubes make your drink colder and melt slower which keeps your drink from watering down too quickly. 
Quality Glassware
Try to use glassware appropriate to your drinks. We can drink a martini from an old coffee mug, but that misses the experience of drinking a martini! Serving your delicious cocktail in the correct glass can also elevate how well you can smell or taste the drink. 
Use Fresh Herbs and Citrus
When we use fresh mint, the aromas and flavors are best enhanced by ‘clapping’ the leaves in your hands. This process bursts the cells in the leaves, releasing the liquids, where all the minty magic is hidden. 
Citrus is a key ingredient in so many drinks. The quality of your citrus juice will make or break your drink. There is a naturally-occurring chemical in citrus fruit that reacts with air and actually makes the juice taste more bitter. So, the longer the juice is exposed to air, the worse it’s going to taste. That’s why bottled lemon juice and lime juice taste so different compared to their fresh counterparts. 
When squeezing citrus, particularly limes, it’s important to squeeze them just before using them. Acidic fruits oxidize quickly and can turn bitter. Keep your citrus fruits out of the fridge as chilled fruits are less juicy. 
Use Premium Quality Spirits
If possible always go for premium spirits you can get your hands on. It cannot be overstated how important premium liquor is for a quality cocktail. Always buy the best alcohol you can afford. The better the quality of alcohol, the better the flavor notes in your drink.
Chill Your Glasses Ahead of Time
Either chill them in your fridge or fill them with ice and water. Chilling the glass helps ensure the cocktail remains refreshingly cool to the very last sip.
Raise Your Garnishing Game 
This is where you can really make or break a drink. We often say that you drink with all your senses. Obviously, we want the drink to taste and smell amazing, but looks are very important as well. 
You want to dress up your cocktail like you yourself dress for your dinner party. A beautiful fresh mint sprig on your mojito gives it just that bit of extra to create the ‘wow’ effect. A nicely cut orange peel gives both flavors and looks to the drink. Seasonal fresh herbs also make a wonderful aromatic cocktail garnish.
 Cheers to your next happy hour at home!

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