Sparkling Bubbly All The Way

Urvashi Deshpande on June 27, 2021
Whether you are celebrating a festival or planning a family get-together, we need a sparkling drink for all occasions. There are different types of sparkling drinks and different glasses to serve them in.  
Sparkling Wine Types
  • Champagne: The most famous and popular type of sparkling wine is Champagne. Champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is champagne. As you may have heard, it comes from the region of Champagne, France. It goes great with anything, from breakfast to fried foods. It has small bubbles that produce a fruity, but not always sweet taste; it’s great for all celebrations.


  • Prosecco: Prosecco comes from the village of Prosecco, Italy. Prosecco is made from Glera grapes and made using the tank method. This method of preparation results in larger bubbles. It does come in other forms but it is mostly known for its sparkling variety. 


  • Sekt: This particular sparkling wine is from Germany. It contains fruity and floral aromas. It is known for its low sweetness and alcohol levels. The Sekt wine is made using both the tank and traditional methods.


  • Cava: Cava is a sparkling wine that comes from Catalonia, Spain. It is made from the Spanish grape, Macabeo, or it can also be made with Xarello and Parellada grapes. All have floral aromas and amazing taste.


  • Trentodoc: Trentodoc's name is derived from the word Trento; the city it originated from. These wines can be distinguished by their straw-yellow color. This Italian wine is more bubbly than Prosecco. It is versatile and bursting with beautiful acidity.


  • Rosé: Rosé can come from a variety of places from Italy to California but is most commonly produced in Provence, France. Common flavors in rosé are strawberry, citrus, honeydew, rose petal, and rhubarb. It is most known for its pink shade and fruity aroma. 


 Types of Sparkling Wine Glasses
  • Hip Champagne Glasses: These glasses are inspired by the unique spirit of vibrancy. With its modern and edgy outline, it is sure to make a certain statement. It is perfect for occasions where the finest champagne and the most fashionable folks in society come together for glamorous evenings.


  • Coup Glasses: The coup is a more traditional style of glass. It has a short stem and a wide bowl. A large cocktail coupe can hold much more ambitious drinks and garnishes. These glasses are for classics that need more space such as Clover Club, French Martini, Espresso Martini, etc.


  • Flute Glasses: The flute is the most popular type of glass for sparkling glasses. Its exquisite design makes it easy to hold when cheering a toast. These charming glasses are ideal for any occasion.


  • Stemless Glasses: This unique style of glass has no stem at all. This particular shape is designed to enhance the taste of your drink. They help take away the anxiety of holding traditional wine glasses. Stemless glasses are also often described as “modern glassware”. Due to all these reasons, they are widely used by airlines to quickly and safely serve wine onboard flights.


  • Tulip Glasses: The tulip-shaped glasses are similar to the flute with a long stem but have a narrow top and wider bow. This shape traps the aromas of the sparkling wine inside and enhances flavor and taste. These glasses bring out the best of red, white, and sparkling wine.

Sparkling wines are the best for any occasion. They are not only crowd-pleasers when it’s time to pop the cork, but they taste just as good on their way down. Sparkling wines and glasses are the perfect gift to give when attending a marriage, birthday, or a close friend's housewarming party.


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