Tips For Setting An Inviting Festive Table

Urvashi Deshpande on October 19, 2021
Whether it is Halloween, Christmas, Diwali, or any Special Get-together, the bulk of conversations always happen at the dining table. And when you’re having people over, the table setting has to be top-notch! With a few simple touches, you can host a festive party that your guests will forever remember.
So, here are some tips to make these events even more special.


Light It Up!
There’s nothing better than festive lights to set the mood! Decorate your dinner table with sparkling lights, candles, lamps, etc., and see them instantly brighten the spirits.
Offbeat Flower Settings
You can make your day-to-day dining table look special with a beautiful flower arrangement. Flowers are the easiest accessory and they are guaranteed to bring the focus to any table setting. Rather than making one large centerpiece, you could also place smaller arrangements spread across the table. The colors are more attractive during the day, while the fragrance can transform the nights.
Work According To A Theme
Every festival has its unique themes. Bring those motifs to the dining table with relevant colors and accessories. Pick glass plates and transparent candle-holders. Or create drama with colored crockery, contrasting napkins, and ribbons. 
Use candy canes, Christmas ornaments, or other decorations that are easily available, to create an enticing Christmas-themed table setting.
Diwali is undoubtedly tied with lights and lamps. You can use beautiful lighting lamps in a variety of ways as per your liking to embellish your illuminating festive table.
For Halloween, you can use our creative Tiki Tumblers for serving drinks that will give a rustic and scary look to your dinner table.
Take It Outside If Possible
If you have the luxury of having an outdoor space to dine in and if the weather is kind, the addition of a few items will make your lunch or dinner a lasting memory amongst all your guests. Keep a Wine Barrel on the side table, so guests can refill their drinks easily. Hang some soothing lights, put out fresh flowers, and color-coordinate with the surroundings. 
For Extra-Special Occasions
Special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and bachelorette parties, are the best times to show off your creativity to decorate an extraordinary table setting. You can personalize it with name cards, little messages, or even small return gifts for each guest, all placed on the plates. Do not hesitate to use non-traditional accessories. The secret to making it amazing is to use your imagination. 

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