Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In A Pandemic

Urvashi Deshpande on February 04, 2021

Although love is an expression that is displayed all year round, every year we are fortunate enough to be granted a designated day to cross all barriers to express this love for our special someones on the 14th of February.

Valentine’s Day, although seemingly very romantic, can be a tricky day to plan out, and living through a Global Pandemic just makes Valentine's Day of 2021 an even harder one to execute. But fear no more, we at Bar Enthusiast shall cover for you this year with some exciting ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a pandemic and we assure you, there is no scope for disappointments here.

5 Best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Pandemic

1. A couple’s game night

A couple’s game night is always appreciated among our young couples and the excitement and competitiveness that the games bring in always set the mood high. Our roulette wheel with shot glasses brings an essence of a casino night under the comfort of your own home. A couple of raspberry or strawberry flavoured spirits in these shot glasses would further take the vibe to another level. For our budding couples, celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together, our Never Have I Ever card game would be a perfect way to get to know a little more about each other on this grand day of love. 


2. A dinner date with cocktails with your loved one!

For the culinary enthusiasts, an intimate dinner date would be a heartwarming surprise for their partner. Like every romantic dinner, this one too can start with a round of delicious cocktails with the help of our bar cocktail shaker set to mix your drinks to satisfy your palates or our heart cocktail glass would be the perfect set up for the beginning of this Valentine night. If you wish to choose the old school path, then our Valentine’s Day Sale will help you choose from our range of hip champagne glasses to enjoy the taste of the stars. Post the quenching of your thirsts through these incredible spirits and accessories, a candle light dinner cooked by you at home to please you special loved one would be the perfect way to conclude this night. 


3. A romantic movie night to cuddle up

Sometimes there is nothing better than a romantic movie for two lovers on a night in, and what better to compliment a movie night than a great bottle of red wine perfect to set the mood. Our Elegant Wine glasses will definitely help you enhance this experience to make your night a fulfilling one. 

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4.Gifting your Valentine

Finally, if you are confused about how to sum up this magical night with a perfect gift, worry no further, because there is no better place than our Valentine's Collection to help you with something special for your partner. 

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5. Going Solo 

For those who are focussing on themselves and choose to be happily single this year, a chilled glass of beer in our beer mugs, a glass of whiskey in our crystal irregular glasses or a strong cocktail in our Martini glasses might help the anger the love filled couples around you might cause. 

Either ways, hope our ideas allow you to celebrate this day with complete satisfaction. Although celebrating this day of love may seem difficult when you are forced to stay indoors, with just a few tips and  ideas , you should be able to make this special day a magical and loving one for you and your partner.



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