SudsBall (Pinball)
SudsBall (Pinball)
SudsBall (Pinball)

    SudsBall (Pinball) Drinking Game

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      Playing method 1: Pull the pinball button by hand, after the steel ball is bounced, it will fall back in the game area and stay in the small box of the color area. You can drink the shot according to the color of the box. The rules of the game can also be customized by yourself.
      Playing method 2: After the rebound, fall into 4 target rings (4 target rings correspond to 4 wine glasses respectively), which target ring fall into and the target ring correspond to shots according to the degree of the game.

      Package List:    

      1 x Game Board   
      4 x Wine Cup   
      1 x Wine Cup Frame   
      2 x Steel Ball